Blackjack strategy

It is time to harness all the knowledge we have developed so far throughout our necessary introduction. Now we will give you the key to harnessing the house's rules at maximum and to determine more control your luck, offering more than one simple blackjack strategy for games with real or free money.

To determine which blackjack strategy guide you will have to use, you will have to clear the following rules of the 192 blackjack casino in which you will be participating:

  • Number of Maces: inform about the number of 52 cards with which you are playing.
  • rules of the Dealer: should you add a 17 - soft or should you be mandatory? The second one is more favorable.
  • to double the bet with any combination of cards

Different strategies statistically adapted by professionals in each case

You've got your cell phone in your hand. You also Have our guide open in your browser, on your PC or tablet, or you have printed it in colors. You'Re ready to start challenging big online betting companies with your basic blackjack strategy tables. Go ahead!

Single-Deck Blackjack Strategy-17 soft and 17 hard

The terms under which operate the most favorable strategy that exists in the world, either for money or free, are the following: Played with a single deck of 52 cards, you must be able to fold at any time, and it must be stipulated that the dealer always stays in type of 17 (soft or hard). You should also be able to split up to 3 or 4 times if you repeat cards.

You wouldn't believe it, but this technique to win online blackjack is a + 0.15% advantage for you over the casino. A Gem of Mathematics!

The next single-deck blackjack Odds strategy was designed for games in which the croupier should order on a soft 17 (not optional, you must ask even if you win with the soft 17).

Very similar to our previous one-deck guide, where you're still above the home advantage at + 0.04%.

Single-Deck Blackjack Strategy

Two - stroke blackjack strategy - 17 soft and 17 hard

Keeping the minimum conditions. This time two maces must be enabled to make the odds of the two - stroke blackjack strategy, and the croupier must stay in any 17 under these conditions, it can be up to 0.20% advantage over the house. Here we leave the blackjack chart for 2 mounds.

Two - stroke blackjack strategy

Now, if the house has to ask when it's 17 with ace, the home advantage will be 0.40%. It's still a very attractive percentage. The strategy for two - strokes bets for these conditions.

Two - stroke blackjack strategy

Blackjack strategy of 4 maces - 17 soft and 17 hard

The first one is applicable when the house cannot ask for a 17 - soft. You can bend with any game, even after split (except for aces split, which is not allowed in any variation of casino rules we know).

The advantage for the House of this four - stroke Blackjack strategy is 0.38%. Check the next table to gamble and follow the letter.

Blackjack strategy of 4 maces

Now, to understand the importance and impact of 17 mildly, see how the same Blackjack strategy for 4 - deck games radically changes the casino's advantage rate to 0.59%. Look at your blackjack technique chart and apply the plays like a professional.

Blackjack strategy of 4 maces

Follow our advice to explore your own betting experience. Our content is designed for information purposes, and under no circumstances should I invite you to think that you're probably gonna make real money playing on every occasion.

The world of bets must be looked at from entertainment, and we are amused to devise ways of defeating the House and communicating them for recreation. If blackjack's tricks end up favored by money, congratulations!

Try to play at tables with fewer quantities of dungeons! Your chances of winning will increase significantly.

Blackjack advanced strategy for multi - mace

This blackjack strategy graph is designed for games that allow the rules of the other games, only to apply in case the casino has a virtual or real table of 6 maces. The odds associated with this technique to win Blackjack online roughly 0.07% in favor of the house.

Blackjack advanced strategy for multi - mace

How to count cards in blackjack

There is no need to be a genius to count cards, but it requires a lot of discipline and a great memory. Have you heard of this strategy?

This technical spread has been the subject of documentaries and Hollywood films. In 1962, Edward Thorp revolutionized the casino industry by publishing a book about the card count, after which several packs were introduced instead of one, for our bad luck.

It is said that today, the only way to beat a casino is using the blackjack card strategy. Some would say that it can also be found that in roulette there is an incline for the wear of the wheel, but that would have to involve the casino making a mistake.

Blackjack card counting technique

First, you must learn to interpret the next graph. No need to learn from memory, since playing from your home will not be a problem that you have it screwed on your giant tv, or printed on a paper next to a cup of coffee in your free time at the office.

Blackjack card counting technique

Use the Hi-Lo method to count the blackjack cards. Not just yours, but also the Dealer’s and other players.

  • From 2 to 6 are worth + 1
  • From 7 to 9 are worth 0
  • Tens, figures, and Aces are worth-1

You know the best of blackjack counting techniques. Now, the part that requires less precision and more patience: the bets. Always Bet the minimum during the first rounds, until you forge a good database of information about the cards that are left in the decks. Divide your card account between the number of decks and wager in relation to it. Practice online before playing with real money!

Blackjack Switch Game-Odds of Blackjack Switch

In this variety of blackjack, you will play with two hands at the same time, where you can swap cards. Your odds are 0.58% in favor of the house. Here we leave the betting card that contains the strategy of Blackjack switch, Take advantage to the fullest!

Blackjack Switch Game-Odds of Blackjack Switch

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